All taken with my DJI Mavic Pro. Images shot in RAW and processed using Lightroom CC. A composite of 2 images merged in Lightroom. The Almond Aqueduct just outside Ratho near Edinburgh. Beecraigs Loch West Lothian, between Linlithgow and Dechmont. Rannoch Moor with Dubh Lochan in the foreground and Loch […]

More Drone Images

While on our honeymoon to the Maldives, our resort “Cinnamon Dhonveli” we were fortunate enough to be able to sit and watch some of the surfers training and enjoying themselves at Pasta Point. We had a fantastic view from the Surf Bar while sitting sipping Beer, Wine and Cocktails.   […]

Surfer Dudes

The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System. Its name “milky” is derived from its appearance as a dim glowing band arching across the night sky whose individual stars cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. As galaxies go, the Milky Way is a middleweight and it […]

The Milky Way

The Thistle is the common name of a group of flowering plants characterized by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins. Prickles often occur all over the plant – on surfaces such as those of the stem and flat parts of leaves. The Thistle is the floral emblem of Scotland. […]


Loving my new Inspire 1 SUAV with it’s 4K video and still camera. Updated the firmware in one of the batteries today and went to my local park for a try out. Everything is looking good, even my small little bit of the planet. Image shot using a DJI Inspire […]

Birkdale Park – Armadale

All puffin species have predominantly black or black and white plumage, it’s a stocky little bird with a large beak. They shed the colourful outer parts of their bills after the breeding season, leaving a smaller and duller beak. Their short wings are more adapt for swimming almost using a […]


A long overdue trip to the Farne Islands today in Northumberland. The Farne Islands are a group of Islands between 2 and 4 miles off shore from the mainland. There are no permanent residents on the Islands, only the National Trust bird wardens who inhabit the islands part of the […]

Farne Island 13/06/2015

Taken a few weeks ago while out shooting video. First time this year I’ve been out with the Nikon. I’ve been shooting a Sony Alpha 6000 mirrorless for a while, what a great camera. However it was good to get back out with my Nikon 🙂 Image shot with a […]

Another shot of The Bookle!