Aerial Photography

I’ve been an avid aeromodeller since my teens, initially flying fixed wing then moving onto Helicopters. I still fly helicopters but more recently with the UAV technology nicely moving one, drones are the gadget of the day.

I started with a DJI Inspire 1, however it was a little too big and bulky for carrying about, I opted to switch to the DJI Mavic Pro.

The Mavic is small, portable and the flight time is decent, giving about 25 mins on a single charge. The image quality is very acceptable and gives decent results. The above image was shot in Aviemore, 100M above Loch Morlich, looking towards the Cairngorms.

The drone does indeed provide alternative vantage points not available through normal shooting. Just remember, there are rules and regulations for flying drone, please ensure you comply with them.